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I think it’s time I got back to posting, what say you? Because of a lack of inspiration/creativity, I am going to do a series of post about what I got for Christmas.

Number one: The Slippers, from Aunt MaryEllen

Yes, they are slippers. Interesting, hm? They are really cozy and warm, and I’ve worn them nearly every day since I got them, but as my Aunt M.E. so graciously suggested, I don’t have to wear them out of the house. When I opened the box Christmas morning, I instantly started laughing. “What would posses her to get me these?” I wondered. Later on the phone, I found out that she had had the same reaction when she first saw them… She said she started laughing and decided that was what my present for Christmas would be. Whenever I see them, I can’t help but grin, thinking of good ol‘ M.E. laughing at a pair of slippers in the middle of an Old Navy!


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Happy Birthday!

This is a post dedicated to you, big brother!

I would love to put a picture of you on here but considering all those stalkers out there (you know who you are), I better not. Those of you who know Patrick will just have to picture him in your head.

Next item… 10 awesome facts about Patrick!

1. Patrick (as of December 18, 5:44AM) is 18 years old

2. Patrick graduated from an entirly home-schooled life last June and now goes to college with a mathmatics major

3. Patrick likes to listen to a wide variety of music, including polka, Barry Manilow, metal, classical, German drinking tunes, and a lot more that I can’t think of….

4. Patrick is about 5′ 8′

5. Patrick has a really cool sister

6. Patrick does not like our dog, Bo, my (now dead) duck, Bob, or our chickens, but does have a soft spot in his heart for our cat, Alice

7. Patrick knows everything there is to know (and much more) about Star Wars

8. Patrick is 19 months older than his really cool sister

9. Patrick likes pizza a lot, especially the home made stuff

10. Patrick plays the guitar (acoustic and electric), bass (upright, acoustic and electric), piano, his electric organ (which he keeps in his closet), and a little mandolin

And onto the next item…. A song on YouTube that I dedicate to Patrick…..
(the reason this post is two days after his birthday… Couldn’t get the movie posted on the blog. I (obviously) gave up and just posted this link:


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Gingerbread houses

Well, since none of my ever so dear friends actually posted to guess…. The picture is of a gingerbread house. This one to be exact:

Last week we had a good friend and a friend that we just met (who is a good friend anyway) over to make gingerbread houses with us, and above the one I made.

Gingerbread house making is a well-loved tradition in our home. Every December we make a few trips to CVS (where Mom gets discount prices for being an employee) and buy truckloads of candy in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Over the years we have found some favorite candies that work well as building supplies. That stripy-fruity-zebraish gum (which is excellent also for shutters or doors) cut into semi-circles is compliments for my roof, and Christmas-colored Junior Mints serve as the red windows and trees out front. You’ll notice on the side of the house there is a lattice-shaped pretzel–in this case a window. Necco wafers have come in handy as stone chimneys or walkways (the walkway used on my house). Slightly rolled (into a skinnier model) Tootsie Rolls make a great log pile, as do pretzel sticks. One piece of a Hershey bar is perfect for a door, and it looks quite realistic when you add a mini M&M as a knob (also on the house above). We often buy Butterfinger bells, and mini Reese’s cups and Kisses are a must. Speaking of, you can create a tree using the latter two, a Kiss on top of a Reese’s cup.

Well, I think I’ve given away enough of our gingerbread-revolutionizing ideas for now… You’ll have to come up with your own from here on!

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Guess who? (er, Guess WHAT)

I was originally just going to post… but when I was playing around with the photo I decided to make you guess what it is. Leave a comment to guess. I’ll tell you in a couple days or so. (Please do post, I love comments!)

Oh, by the way… Parents (that means YOU, Dad and Mom), no guessing.

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Ice Cubes

Did you ever think how nice ice cubes are? I mean seriously, what would you do without them? Picture yourself on a blisteringly hot summer day, and you’re dieing for something cool to drench your mouth with… but there is only tap water… only semi-cold water. Wouldn’t that be just a little concerning?

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The Alice Cake

This is the cake I made for my brother’s surprise 18th birthday party last Saturday, modeled after our fat cat, Alice:

Notice the burning whiskers…. =)

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Dad brought home a pomegranate the other day. I had never eaten one before… so it was a fun experience. It’s really an interesting thing to prepare it; you have to soak the scored fruit in a bowl of water for five minutes, then peel the skin and membrane and pick off all the seeds (which you see in the picture above). Aren’t they beautiful? They’re fun to eat, too. It’s kind of like biting a mini water balloon. As soon as your teeth come together, the juice squirts out into your mouth. I don’t know exactly how to describe the taste… kind of tart and sweet at the same time. You’ll have to eat one yourself and see what you think!

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