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Do you remember the post titled “Sheet Music“? I recieved this little bit of info through email yesterday:

Dear Gina,

The following title(s) is delayed because the publisher is out of stock:

Jane Austen’s World

The publisher has temporarily run out of this item(s). It usually takes between 1 to 8 weeks for us to receive these “publisher out-of-stock” items. We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause. Please note that this delay will not affect the shipping times for any additional items in your order.

I think I am going to go crazy….


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Pie Crust

And the recipe….

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 cups chilled butter

Cut the butter into chunks, stir in salt and flour, coating the butter chunks. Use your fingers to work together the butter and flour until the mixture has the grain of cornmeal. Add cold water (I put some in a little bowl with a couple ice cubes) by the teaspoon or less until you can gather the dough up into a ball. Voila! You have a pie crust. Roll it out and fill it out in whatever way you like.

P.S. THE NUMBER ONE RULE when pie crust making…. DO NOT WORK WITH THE DOUGH MORE THAN YOU NEED TO. Your crust will turn out much better if you aren’t kneading it a lot or rolling it out several times after crumpling it back into a ball.

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I’ve been making a lot of pies lately, much to the excitement of Dad’s sweet tooth… Dad, as he puts it, is a “pie lover in a house full of cake people.” Unfortunately for him, as he also mentioned, the cake people (Mom and I) are also the cooks in the family. To tell you the truth, the reason I haven’t made more pies in the past is because of the crust. I just never could figure out how to make a nice one. More recently, with the tutelage of The Joy of Cooking, I have been able to create a nice-looking, ok-tasting crust. I’ve even done some experimenting, with Mom’s help. The last crust was made with all butter, skipping the shortening. If you don’t mind my boasting a bit, it was a very nice-looking, great-tasting crust! Once I added the peaches, blueberries, or rhubarb in the middle, it was awesome. Now I can’t wait to make the next one… Perhaps an apple pie. What say you, Dad?

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Bordom Remedies 0.001

Next time you’re bored, have a look around in your kitchen, specifically the refrigerator area. Scan your back yard and flower bed for interesting objects. Perhaps you’ll find an odd shaped carrot, in need of a body and arms… Obviously, the day this veggie pirate came into being, I had a bit of extra time on my hands. It all started with the carrot, though. In our garden, deformed carrots are more common than straight ones, so all the only thing lacking was inspiration. Luckily tomatoes were also in season, and we had a bag of pecans in the pantry. The eye patch is blueberry skin, the hat is a dried apricot with a piece of kale as the plume, and the belt is a strip of a farmer onion. I veered from natural foods when I needed an eyeball and a peg leg, using a tapioca bead and a toothpick. The toothpicks on the sides are props to hold him up for the photo shoot.

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Poppy Seed Muffins….

I recently stayed the weekend at a friend’s house to watch a movie, and this was our breakfast the next morning. Poppy seed muffins…. made (from scratch?) by the friend’s mother. They were awesome! I mean, AWESOME. No, seriously, I mean they were so awesome, I ate four of them. Now if any of you know my normal eating habits, you might know that three muffins do not normally fit into my tummy, much less four. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for the recipe… I’ll have to make a call over to Always Somethin‘ Farm… Perhaps if it’s not a top-secret-family-recipe, I’ll even post it on the blog.

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My parents gave also gave me a purity ring, not necessarily for Christmas, but around Christmas. After Mom had once suggested a purity ring for me, I scanned the Internet for one I liked, and dropped (not so subtle) hints that I really like the silver one with the pearl on the top…. I didn’t actually expect it… not so soon, anyway, but one day as I was mending a skirt Dad announced that he and Mom had a gift for me. “A gift?” I said, only half pretending to be surprised, (thinking back to the day Mom had left the “Thank you for your order” window open and I had accidentally [truly, I didn’t mean to] seen the item ordered) and tried to make myself think to myself “Perhaps one of the Christmas presents they wanted to get for me came late….”

Seriously, I really do love it. I have been extra-diligent in making sure I don’t lose it, even for a little bit. I have specific “temporary storage areas” in each place where I might take it off… the dip in the candle on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, the push pin next to my bed, the turning handle that opens the window next to the shower, etc.

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L.L. Bean!!!

Boy, I’ve been a lazy poster lately! I better get back on the computer chair more often! (What say you, Mom?)

Another Christmas present I received (as you may have gathered from my previous post) was a gift card to L.L. Bean. Grandpa and Grandma generously included enough on the card to buy these three winter-sale items I chose: (Pictures are from the L.L. Bean website, if you didn’t already notice.)

The first item (which is not pictured) is my new purse… “Another bag” as my Dad said. I see it as the perfect purse! With an awesome color (olive green)! The perfect size (roughly 150 cu. in. 6½”H x9″W x 3″D)! The one I’ve been searching for! The one with enough room (and plenty of convenient pockets) to hold my lip balm, bank stuff, wallet, nail clippers, gum, loose change, a book, the house key, and an extra skirt for those times when the child you’re babysitting decides they are going to stay seated in your lap for their next bathroom break.

The next one (pictured below) is now my favorite sweater. As I discovered Sunday after church, it’s fantastic for those semi-cold days when it is too warm for a coat but too cold for just a t-shirt. The weird neck is also an added plus when it comes to keeping your neck toasty.
The third item is also pictured below, although I did not buy it in that eye-burning orange, which I may add, would be ok for my Aunt to wear in Southern California, but is not ok for rustic, country living here in Pennsylvania. Mine is a pastel neon-green. If you can imagine that, you must be a very creative person, but that is what it is and I’m not sure how else to describe it! Anyway, it’s one of the only t-shirts I own that is not too small or too big, so I’m happy with it.

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