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New Candidate

Elliot Penson has announced his bid for the presidency!
If you missed the memo, or you just want to learn more about this amazing candidate, you can simply visit:

Penson for President

Thanks to my buddy Tai who blogged this info on her site.


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Well, I’m still trying to work out some kinks with how my page looks, but I figured I better get back to some writing. Right now I’m sitting on my bed typing this into Patrick’s laptop (aren’t laptops fantastic?) and thinking I better thank Mom for all those Mavis Beacon typing lessons. (I can now type without looking, so I can multi-task and look out the window at the same time.)

Dozens of birds are flitting from tree to tree. A blue jay is scolding the rowdy chickadees. A few sparrows pick through the leaves under our hornbeam. A woodpecker is pecking up the trunk as a nuthatch hangs nearly upside down checking out our bird house. A cardinal flies by, reminding me of my hope to have him nest here.

There is a pair of cardinals that has been flying around our house for a few days now. The first time we saw one, he was attacking that nasty self-reflection in Mom and Dad’s bedroom window. Upon further investigation, I discovered the female cardinal in a tree near by. Perhaps they’ll stick around and we’ll find a little nest somewhere.

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Even More Cards

Three weeks of waiting for flowers to dry in a press. Meticulous ripping the edges of thick card-stock. Fussily deciding which petals go where and what colors are best. Half an hour of gluing and sticking, carefully using tweezers and wishing my fingers were even slimmer than they already are.

If you happen to know anything about me, you would be seriously pondering if the above activities were actually preformed by me. I’ve always found it difficult to sit down and make something look precise (have you seen my room?). I often lack the patience and there is nearly always something more interesting in which to engage my hands. Somehow this card made it off my work table without even one thought of “I could be doing *so and so*”. In case you’re wondering, my prodding motivation was the superb vision of my much-loved aunt in California opening the envelope, seeing the card, and thinking “Hey, that’s kind of neat.” And it still turned out a little sloppy.

Unfortunately, by the time the flowered dispatch reached it’s destination across the country, several petals had been lost into the bottom of the envelope and others were cracked. If I ever decided to make such a card again, several changes would be made: 1. I’d make a hole for the bracket before I paste the petals on, and 2. I’d spread paste on the entire petal instead of just enough so it sticks.

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