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Last weekend I babysat overnight. I had such an awesome time!

The boys (Dalton, 10; and Joey, 9) are absolutely hilarious. They spend all day wrestling or chasing each other. I don’t usually mind, as long as they are smiling and not biting, but this time they were just too rowdy. So I locked them outside for 15 minutes! My goal was to get them interested in something out there so they could have fun out of my hair, but they decided it was more fun to spend that time trying to open windows and pick the lock on the front door to get inside. Not 2 minutes after I let them in, they went right back out and played in their fort for 2 hours! That’s what you get when you try to structure a little boy’s time!

I was also in charge of Alyssa, age 4. She is a real cutie, and happy to play “Princess Cards” all day! We usually have fun teaming up against the boys. Once, when the boys tied me to a rocking chair, Alyssa came to my rescue (I’m so glad she’s good with knots!) and we fled to our head quarters in the bathroom to plan our revenge. We couldn’t do much to them (a babysitter and a 4-year-old against two boys that are almost as tall as the babysitter? Yeah right!!!) but we still had fun.

The weekend provided some good experience. I figured out a lot about what discipline works for them, what drink they like with dinner, and how much time they should spend watching TV/playing gameboy/on the computer. I felt very honored that their parents would trust me to watch them for that long!


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A more refined creature

Tess is our nice animal. Of course, I love all our pets, but there’s just something special about Tess.

When Tess was kitten, she was an absolute clean-freak. If you so much as touched a paw, she would have to lick it until it was, once again, untarnished. At a solid 10 years, she is still constantly immaculate. I mean perfect. We (the family and I) are fairly well convinced that she is quite aware of her perfectness, too.

She has always been the one to catch the nice-looking animals, like the birds or chipmunks. Something the family enjoys inspecting. In comparison, Kitty number 2, Alice, kills some gross rodent and then proceeds to eat it whole (I’ll never forget the star-nosed mole… ugh), right on the front step. Nowadays, Tess mostly window shops from her designated stool, with a clear view of the bird feeder, conveniently enough.

The picture just above is typical of our feline friend. Bright eyes, soft fur, and dripping with scratchableism.

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Bo’s skull

Hee Hee. No, I’m not writing about our dog’s skull, just the one he found.

I’m telling you, Bo has RADAR for those things! Yesterday, Bo and I were enjoying a nice little jaunt in our woods. He was running all over the place, following a million different trails of a million different animals. All of a sudden, he stopped dead in his tracks, sniffed the air for a second, and shot off into the woods. “That was weird,” I thought, and stopped to photograph a new flower while I waited for him to return. Sure enough, a couple minutes later he comes marching back, bone in mouth. “Bo!” I called after him as he skipped back home, “You have about 50 of those in the yard already! Why do you need another?” My call went unheeded, I found him 20 minutes later, still chewing on the same bone!

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Well, I’ve been a naughty blogger, haven’t I? I could make a bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t posted in so long, but I believe that honesty is the best policy, so I’ll tell you the truth. I was abducted by aliens and tortured until I gave away the password to my blog account. The aliens proceeded to break into Joyful Noise and change the password. I’ve spent all this time trying to figure out what the password was changed to, trying every possible combination of letters and numbers. Anyway, back to my post.

When Patrick and I were younger, Mom and Dad made us breakfast as often as they could. Waking up to the smell of Cream of Wheat heating or a pancake frying are amongst my favorite memories of growing up. There’s something comforting knowing your parents are a couple rooms down, spending time together and waiting eagerly to spend time you. I’ve alway hoped that when I have my own little family, I can have breakfast with my family every morning, talking about what we are going to do that day over a glass of orange juice and an egg on toast. Fortunately, I’ve picked up on my parent’s love of cooking.

Above, I’m feverishly chopping garlic to add to my vegetable lasagna. It turned out great, by the way, despite the fact that our dog stole one of the noodles off the top before it was slipped into the oven.

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