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Monster Cookies!

Here’s what my cousin and I have been up to: (the picture doesn’t show it very well, but they were bigger than our faces.)

Our colossal chocolate chips started as a joke, an extra-large spoonful of dough flung at the cookie sheet by my cousin, Katie. She should have known better than to do that in front of me! I took advantage of Mom’s good mood and plopped down five more blobs and slipped them into the oven before she could change her mind.


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It’s a bull!

Carmen the cow FINALLY had her calf yesterday. My cousin, Katie, named it Brownie. Quite fitting, hm?

Carmen chose the one span of time (which was only about 45 minutes long) that none of the family was around to haveĀ  the thing. We were a bit frustrated with her, after we had spent the past 2 weeks watching very carefully, noting every possible sign that might hint she was about to give birth. My cousin is an animal lover in the most extreme form, so we were hoping that she could watch too…. Some animals are just like that though, they want their privacy. =)

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I took a shower today during a small, far-off thunder storm. Our electricity must have gone out for only 2 seconds about five or six times while I was in there! Each teasing occurrence jolted me into “hurry-up-and-get-the-soap-off!!!” mode, only to realize soon after that the black-out was really just a blink. Washing my hair was the most nerve-wracking. I lathered up and rinsed it out as fast as possible. Sure enough, as soon as I was done, the lights went off for keeps. “Thank GOODness,” I thought as I stepped onto the bath mat, laughing at the thought of myself walking around with a head half covered in suds. I opened the window to let some steam out, and noticed the difference between the brightness of our yard and the darkness of the bathroom. For a split second I thought, “Hey, the lights didn’t turn off out there!”

That’s when I started thinking… DUH! Of course the lights didn’t turn off outside! In fact, God’s creation never malfunctions. I can’t think of even one way the cycle of life on earth–vegetable, animal, or mineral–could fail. Sure, there are some rough edges in the weather pattern, but is that a flaw? No. It’s just part of how God designed the precipitation to fall. Sure, animals (and humans, or that matter) kill other animals, and devour plants, but is that a flaw? No, it’s part of the food chain, and it’s part of how God planned the synergy here on earth. When a snag happens, when a mistake is made, it’s because a human interfered.

Psalm 18:30 says, “As for God, His way is perfect: the word of the LORD is proven, He is a shield to all those that trust in Him.” Knowing this, shouldn’t it be easy to trust in Him?

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